Saturday, October 19, 2013

Back on track

I had a very good check in with my naturopath this week, Mark Gignac (there's a link to his clinic over on the right, if anyone with cancer is interested in consulting him).  He had seen the article I referred to in my last post by Dr. Gonzalez, and he spent some time explaining to me how and why Gonzalez was wrong on this subject.  Dr. Gignac is a big proponent of the ketogenic diet, and is actually on it himself I think, so he was enthusiastically encouraging me to continue with it. 

So I am thrilled to be back on it, as it really is making me feel so much better, if nothing else.  It's amazing what giving up grains can do for your brain!  (There is a good book called Grain Brain which I can't wait to read next.  Wheat Belly is also highly recommended.)  Now hopefully if I can just get this good clean feeling transferred to my bone marrow, we'll be in business.

Dr. G actually gave me about eight youtube links to doctors and researchers speaking about the usefulness of the keto diet for cancer, some quiet lengthy, which I can send to anyone who might be interested (just request it in a comment below).

I am also instituting Dr. Gonzalez' main enzyme therapy (pancreatic enzymes in high doses), since you can buy his enzymes online and don't have to visit his clinic in New York to get them.  I'm not quite taking the huge amounts he would have one take, but almost half (28 of them a day!).

So between these two heavy hitting anti-cancer therapies, PLUS the Black Seed Oil protocol, if my numbers don't start to come down I'll be absolutely amazed.  In which case I will just have to abandon myself to drug therapy. 

I was feeling quite depressed at the idea of having to give up this keto diet, since I had put so much emotional and physical energy into getting it going.  So now I feel really excited about both the enzymes and the diet, and am so grateful for the trusted guidance of Dr. G, who sees cancer patients all day every day, and really is up on a lot of stuff. 

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