Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Treatment" has begun!

Well, I have made it through the first Velcade/Dexamethasone treatment.  (It appears the politically correct way is to now refer to it as "treatments" not "chemo".)  My Naturopath Dr. Gignac had told me that these drugs I'll be doing are 98% better than the other more toxic chemo drugs, as they are targeted agents, which means they only go after the myeloma cells, not my entire immune system.  But still . . . man, they're potent!  Totally wiped me out for two days.  But I'm feeling almost back to normal again today.

Dr. W, my oncologist, is wonderful, he knows just what to say, and he was very reassuring that I will be on this "treatment" until it brings my numbers back to zero or close to it and they are stable.  He said it would then probably take some years for things to build back up to where treatment was again needed, and by then even better treatments will be available, as they are making great strides all the time in myeloma cures.  So that was very reassuring.  So I just have to get through this cycle of treatments, however long it may last, and hopefully things will be a lot better for a long time.

Meanwhile, in order to clear out some of these toxins from my system, I found a page of detox soup recipes and am going to do one per week.  Plus the usual epsom salt baths, coffee enemas, smoothies, herbs, etc.  And I want to get a sauna!  More about that later.

I've ignored the blog of late, will try and post here a little more as "treatment" progresses.  Pray for success, please!

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  1. I'm wondering if trying to flush out the toxins as quickly as possible, after a treatment, would tend to dilute the effectiveness of it? Would this be the case? If so, might be counterproductive?