Thursday, September 14, 2017

Back from the edge of the cliff

Six months into the Darzalex/Pomalyst/Dex regimen, things are looking good.  My M-spike numbers are down to 0.2 now, which is the lowest it’s ever been since this has been tracked, starting in 2004.  That’s so close to remission I can see it on the horizon.  (or more like around the corner)

I really want to stop the Pomalyst (21 days a month), though Dr B would have me on it indefinitely I think, as a maintenance plan.  But I have my own plans about how to get off it, see next paragraph.  I really don’t want to do a toxic drug on an ongoing monthly basis as maintenance.

So I am starting a custom treatment plan from a doctor in Portland who knows how to work with cannabis oils for cancer (Christian Lé M.D. at Green Earth Medicine).  If this is tolerable, I want to keep up with it and have that work on the immune system, along with the Reishi mushrooms a cancer-literate naturopath recommended, and also Magnolia Bark/ Honokiol, another cancer ND recommendation.  These two, along with curcumin, have studies showing their effectiveness against myeloma cells.  That’s MY remission plan!  And to keep up the monthly Darzalex infusions.  But Pomalyst has got to go!  It’s making my hair fall out, causing fatigue and bruising, as it pulls down the red blood cell count along with wiping out the myeloma cells.  It is time to heal my system from the ravages of these drugs, which have saved my life over the last six months.  But now the time has come to regroup and rebuild.

I feel like I’ve been given my life back, once again, from “the edge of a cliff” as my doctor put it.

I’ll report more soon on the effects of this CBD oil and if/how it has worked for me.  There is no psychoactive effect from it, as the THC has been removed, it is just cannabinoids.  Of which there are several hundred, most unstudied, according to this very knowledgeable doctor, who specializes in this exclusively.  He can tailor the formula to fit one’s specific cancer.  It doesn’t taste very good, and sometimes I rub it onto my skin instead, which makes me smell like a pot plant!  Or one of those guys who smoke so much weed it’s in their clothes and hair and they reek of it.  It’s not that bad, though.  Welcome to the world of medical marijuana, Joy!

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