Friday, October 13, 2017

Well, that was over before it started

Unfortunately, I have had to quit the CBD oil, after just two weeks.  I had great hopes that this was going to get and keep remission going for me, as I have seen a number of anecdotal reports that it has helped put myeloma patients into remission.  However, it quickly exacerbated a low pressure situation in my eye.  I had forgotten completely that cannabis taken regularly can be used to treat glaucoma (high eye pressure).  After having developed that from four severe uveitis flareups almost fifteen years ago now, I had glaucoma surgery ten years ago, then a second surgery three years later to correct low pressure from the surgery.  Low pressure is equally as harmful to vision as high pressure.  The pressure has been holding at low-normal ever since.  This is the first time it has dropped down again, which was kind of scary.  The ophthalmologist said I might need another surgery if it didn't come back up.  I had taken a dropper full of the CBD just before going into the ophthalmologist’s to have the pressure checked.  Duh!  No more CBD, and will re-check pressure in a month.  It’s possible it could be going low on its own, but I doubt it, it was normal two months before that.

The good news is that my M-spike came down even further this past month, to an almost negligible 0.1 from 0.2 the previous month.  The Holy Grail of remission is within sight!  I have no idea if two weeks of CBD oil helped with that, but I sort of think it did.  So anyone who reads this with myeloma who does not have low eye pressure, I think I could recommend the CBD oil to help keep numbers down.  Man, it was wonderful for mood and depression, you feel really good on it in an undefinable sort of way.  It felt very nourishing to all aspects of my body.  There was no THC in it, so it wasn’t like being stoned, just a very mellow, positive sort of feeling and it sure did help with sleep also.  I’m very disappointed I can’t continue with this.

However, there are other things to try.  Transfer Factor, an immune system support, will be added to Honokiol and Reishi mushroom extract now, as the main immune supporting anti-myeloma supplements.  My old oncologist, Dr W, was a fan of Transfer Factor, so am encouraged to try that next.  Watch this space.

And of course will continue with the Darzalex once a month for as long as the doctors recommend that.  I’m still doing 1mg of Pomalyst for 21 days each month but am going to see if I can space that out to every other day, and then drop it completely.  I need a break from drugs!

And . . . I’m thinking of transferring to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for my oncology care, where a lot of the latest research is going on.  I feel very blessed to have this world class institution available here, so close by.  (And the Medicare insurance to cover it — all people should have this — I’m an advocate of single payer health insurance for this country, so everyone can be equally as well taken care of.)  The doctor I chose there is doing research on radioimmunology, where a tiny dose of radiation is delivered to the myeloma cells only, and I think this is very interesting.  So if myeloma comes back, I would like to try that in the future, if I’m a candidate.  We shall see.  Meanwhile, I need to build back up some strength to enjoy this remission for as long as it can last.  Love to all. 

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