Saturday, April 7, 2018

Vitamin C replaces Pomalyst

Time for another blog update!  After seven or so months, my M-spike remains at either 0.1 or 0.2.  And I’m told that is because the Darzalex creates a little bit of a reading by itself (background noise, they called it).  So it looks like I am at remission.  I continue to take the four hour Darzalex infusion once a month, along with Dex (the stimulant steroid — can’t seem to get away from that horrid drug — it takes me four full days to recover from it).

I switched to a new integrative oncologist, who is letting the Pomalyst be dropped and giving instead a 25G Vitamin C infusion before the Darzalex.  After one month on this my M-spike went from 0.2 to 0.1, so it is effective.  I’m so happy to be done with the Pom and can really feel my energy and stamina starting to return.  Though after a year on Pomalyst, I’m still feeling a bit run down from that rather strong drug, a derivative of Thalidomide — yep, that’s what we myeloma patients get!

The immune boosting Transfer Factor has been dropped for now, it was too expensive and I couldn't tell that it was actually doing anything.  Apart from a food-based multi vitamin and a few other basic supp’s, the four main anti-myeloma supplements I’m taking are:

Magnolia Bark/Honokiol  (Dr. Uzick initially asked me to take 9 of these a day, and I’ve whittled it down to only one or two — Honokiol is shown in studies to be effective against myeloma cells)
Ashwagandha (wonderful for sleep)
Curcumin (just 1g of an ultra bioavailable one)
Reishi mushroom extract (400 or 800 mg/day)

I’ve also been enjoying reading some of the Medical Medium’s books, and he has a recommended list of anti-viral herbs, which I enjoy as a tea on a regular basis:  Nettle, Red Clover, Mullein, Star Anise (the most beautiful thing!), Licorice Root, Lemon Balm and Feverfew.  This tea really is helpful.

And, I’m making a serious attempt to give up dairy products.  These are sort of the last holdout for me, but I felt so much better the minute I did it.  I replaced the yogurt I was addicted to morning and evening with a morning protein smoothie loaded with superfoods and wild berries, and not only is this great tasting, it is filling and kind of super charging, giving more energy during the day.  I’m allowing small amounts of goat or sheep cheese, which is remarkably good.  I don’t miss the yogurt or greasy cheddar cheeses at all.  Along with trying to be dairy free, I’m also about 99% sugar free (except for special occasions), and mostly gluten free also (except for the wonderful all organic dark sourdough rye bread they have at Whole Foods — this is just too good to give up!).  I feel so much better on this diet and won’t miss pizza if I don’t think about it. 

So that’s the regime for now . . . subject to change as time goes by.

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